What is REVOLUTION Workshops?

-Revolution Workhops are designed to help you see the world of wedding photography in a different “Light”, light being one of the keywords.  It will help you create a world for your clients through creative and lighting techniques to give them amazing and impactful images.


How long are the workshops?

-Revolution workshops are two days and each day is jammed packed with information.

Day One

Passion, Creativity, and Inpiration.

-We will discuss how to get to know your clients, and get inspired by their story. How to develop a shoot just for them and give them images they            will treasure forever.


-We will discuss the different types and styles of lighting, implementing Off-Camera Flash, ambient, and natural light.


-During the photoshoot we will discuss how to stop posing your client, and how you should direct them.  Manipulate situations to get the                        desired shot and how to help them relax. We will discuss how to get the shot right on camera and not depend on post-production.  Through out            the shoot I will be giving the attendees challenges, so be ready with your gear to shoot.

END of Day One.


Day Two

Workflow and Post production

- Here we will discuss the editing and post production process and how I select images.

Q&A session

-I am an open book…so all questions will be answered.


-We will have a quick shootout between all attendees and as a group select the best of workshop.  You will learn how to work together since                    you will model for each other :)

Photo Review

The End

Do I need my gear when I attend?

-You are encouraged to bring your gear when attending.  You will be shooting.  Although this workshop is not to build your portfolio, you will have to practice through out the day.

What if  I am new to photography?

-Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you can attend.



If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.